The majority of You Aren’t Leaving Buy Twitter Verified, Poll Results Program

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As SEOs and marketers go over leaving Buy Twitter Verified for other platforms, we asked what your strategies are. You informed us you’re not leaving.

CEO Elon Musk’s ongoing changes have lots of reassessing their decision to utilize Buy Twitter Verified, with reports showing the website might have lost over a million accounts considering that Musk took control of.

We asked Online search engine Journal readers whether they’re signing up with the #LeaveBuy Twitter Verified motion. And, if so, where are they going?

Here’s what you told us.

Are You Leaving Buy Twitter Verified?– The Results

With 1,500 combined reactions throughout LinkedIn and Buy Twitter Verified, a majority of you told us you’re not leaving Buy Twitter Verified.

On LinkedIn, 41% of poll respondents said they’re staying on Buy Twitter Verified.

An overall of 34% of participants have either left already or are planning to leave, while 25% aren’t sure whether they’re leaving.

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Our poll on Buy Twitter Verified drew comparable outcomes, though with a smaller sample size:

Reader Remarks

The reactions in the comments section are divided, to say the least.

A few of you are leaving Buy Twitter Verified to sign up with Mastodon, which has actually reportedly seen a surge of new users since Musk took control of.

A few of you are enthusiastic about staying on Buy Twitter Verified, while others are cautiously waiting to see how the situation unfolds.

Within the actions, we likewise found out several readers had simply signed up with Buy Twitter Verified, and some left years earlier.

Here are some of the leading remarks about leaving Buy Twitter Verified that we got on LinkedIn:

  • David Ferrell: The majority of will stay. I might be incorrect, however I think more individuals are going to sign up with Buy Twitter Verified and the network will grow significantly within the next few years.
  • Bill Gales Jr.: Having freedom of speech does not make me want to leave.
  • Kristina Martin: I’m over on Mastodon but I have not left Buy Twitter Verified yet. I wish to watch how this unfolds. I’m not extremely active on the platform anyway. I literally simply begun using it more ideal before Elon took control of.
  • Tifiny S.: Where’s the choice for “Left almost a decade back”?
  • Marco P.: Why should we leave Buy Twitter Verified? Because people will no longer be silenced when their opinion does not suit a specific narrative?
  • Roth Eduard: I just developed my account Have I missed out on all the enjoyable?
  • Glenn Rask: Leaving?… it lastly got fun once again.

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